RC Electrical cover a lot of electrical aspects that you may not be aware of. Below is a list of our most required electrical services around Plymouth.


Domestic Electrician in Plymouth

RC Electrical provide high quality domestic electrician work in Plymouth and surrounding areas. RC electrical believe they are highly qualified and make sure each customer they leave is satisfied with their work. They understand how your safety is their priority, which is why they go above and beyond with providing you with great quality domestic work.

What you should expect?

RC Electrical cover all ranges of domestic work around the house from, design, installation, testing to adding additional sockets or complete rewires. They offer continued support for their domestic and home owner customers. RC Electrical are with you every step of the way which is why they believe they’re one of the best domestic electricians in Plymouth. Over their time of working across Plymouth They’ve seen some dangerous electric work and the last thing they want is you feeling unsafe in your house. Which is why they make sure that everything they do is thoroughly tested. Domestic Electricians in Plymouth are very popular so we understand that you want to make sure you’re choosing the right company. RC Electrical help you with every decision you make.

Commercial Electrician in Plymouth

RC Electrical have a lot of clients who are in need of a commercial electrician in Plymouth to work among their businesses.

RC Electrical believe that Commercial Electricians in Plymouth should be adaptable and be able to think of solutions in fast paced environment. In a Commercial Electrician setting, electricians need to be able to work out solutions in a quick manor as commercial buildings area always changing. RC Electrical in Plymouth believe that to be a Commercial Electrician in Plymouth you need to be creative in the way you think and have good experience behind you.

RC Electrical make sure that they communicate well with all their clients as things are always changing. It’s important that the client knows exactly what is going on with their building. As some commercial buildings can involve children e.g. School buildings, it’s important that everyone is kept in the loop. This is a Commercial Electrician in Plymouth main priority.

Electrical Testing and Inspection in Plymouth

Electrical Testing in Plymouth is just as important as a Domestic Electrician and Commercial Electrician. As a business owner it is a legal requirement to get all electrical parts tested or inspected in Plymouth, else you run the risk of an unexpected fire. RC Electrical make sure that their electrical inspections will cover all electric appliances, and that all systems that have been installed have been tested to make sure they’re running to the best of their ability.

It can be tempting to skip out on getting your electrical appliances tested in Plymouth, however you have a responsibility on your employees to make sure that they are in safe hands. Therefore it is important to have your building electrical tested and inspected every five years. This is RC Electrical’s in Plymouth recommendations.

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